2011 Final Expense Lead Programs

2011 Final Expense Lead Program

Great News!!!

I am excited to announce our 2011 Final Expense Lead programs.  Starting today, you can take advantage of two unique Final Expense Lead programs.  These lead programs are designed to custom fit your individual situation and needs.  Below is a breakdown and short summary of how each lead program works.

Lead Program: Gold

  • Agent Commissions – Top Street Level commission for each company
  • Production Requirements – $3,000 Annualized Premium (5 case minimum)
  • Your Lead Cost – only $99 per thousand leads mailed

The Gold Lead Program is a perfect fit for agents who want the highest commission and very affordable lead costs.  Every $3,000 in annualized production qualifies you for a 1,000 piece lead mailer.  You only pay $99 per drop and we take care of the rest.

Lead Program: Silver

  • Agent Commission – 80% (Commission may vary by company)
  • Production Requirements – $2,000 Annualized Premium (4 case minimum)
  • Your Lead Cost – $0 per thousand leads mailed (FREE)

The Silver Lead Program is great for agents that need more structure for their marketing costs.  Every $2,000 in annualized premium qualifies you for a 1,000 piece FREE lead drop.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A 1,000 piece drop yielding a 1.25% response = 12 Leads *(Some lead cards are pulling as high as 3.5%)
  • 40% of those leads will lead to 5 appointments
  • 60% of those appointments will yield 3 sales
  • 3 sales at an average AP of $480 ($40/month) – $1,512 annualized commission

Don’t miss this opportunity.   Lead markets will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Contact us today for details on our 2011 Final Expense Lead program!

15 Responses to 2011 Final Expense Lead Programs

  1. Doyle Nicley says:

    I am intrested in your lead program.contact me at 865-281-2371

  2. Larry Gaskill says:

    I too am interested in program

  3. Charles Makarius says:

    I would like to learn more about your lead program

  4. Ryan Kimble says:

    Larry – Thanks for your interest. AJ Fiorelli will be calling you this afternoon.

  5. Ryan Kimble says:

    Thanks Charles. Bobby Lemasters will reach out to you shortly.

  6. Don Wandless says:

    Who are your final expense carriers?

  7. Susan Brugger says:

    Please contact our office, Gunderson & Associates and ask to speak with Katie Gunderson regarding this program. Let her know that I referred you!


  8. Susan Brugger says:

    Sorry the phone number is 715-830-0200 for Gunderson & Associates

  9. Kim Patterson says:

    Hi Don, we actually work with several different carriers in MO for final expense. I will give you a call today and go over them with you and see which one(s) would be the best fit for you.

  10. Carol-Rose Flaum says:

    I would only want certain zip codes
    like 20852,20853,20851,20850,
    maybe 20906,20904,20878

  11. H. Ray Walker Sr says:

    Who are the FE carriers for Virginia? Let me know more about the lead program and how to get started. Thanks!

  12. William L King says:

    I need a lead program. Please have someone call in the late afternoon, (321) 574-0326

  13. Teresa says:

    Is the Aetna MC advanage plans in WV and are they competitive wih Humana

  14. Steve Zeiter says:

    Please contact me I am looking for a solid lead program here in IL.
    Steve -630-809-9883

  15. I am interested in your FE leads. Can you share with me what carriers you have in MD and GA? tHANK YOU
    ALBERT – 443-974-5117

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