Universal Health Care – Automated Scope of Appointment Line

Universal Health Care is excited to announce the opening of their Automated Scope of Appointment line to assist Prospective Members, Agents and Brokers. This automated line will satisfy all of the requirements of a traditional Scope of Appointment. The call takes approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds and is very user-friendly. Please see process below:

  1. Agent receives the request from prospective member for appointment.
  2. Agent instructs prospective member on requirement for Scope of Appointment.
  3. Agent provides Automated Scope line phone number (888-388-8637) and instructs the prospective member to call.
  4. Member calls into Automated Scope line and at the end of the call is given a Scope of Appointment ID number to provide the agent.
  5. Member provides this number to the agent to enter on the enrollment application at the time of the appointment.

Here is a link that provides the CMS approved Automated Scope of Appointment script your prospects will hear when calling in. We hope that you find this a valuable tool in making your Annual Election Period a successful one.

Please feel free to call my office with any questions, 1-800-962-4693.

Dedicated AgentPipeline Broker Support for Universal Health Care:

Krista (ext. 214), Shannon (ext. 215), or Sally (ext. 234)

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